Advance at the MRC Harwell Institute

The new training centre, Advance, is now complete and MRC Harwell is excited to welcome their first trainees. Advance is a bespoke centre that offers specialist pathology, genetics, laboratory skills and transgenic technology courses, for scientists and researchers of all levels.

Entry-Level Mouse Genetics

This course will cover Mendelian gene inheritance as well as introducing more complex genetics intended to inform breeding strategies and calculations in establishing new genetically altered lines. …
09 NOV – 10 NOV

Advanced Mouse Genetics

Mouse genetics for those planning and designing experiments with genetically altered lines including experiments involving conditional transgenesis. …
23 NOV – 24 NOV

Mouse Embryo and Spermatozoa Cryopreservation

Cryopreservation allows long-term storage of embryos and sperm, providing a convenient way to preserve, protect and transport mouse lines for use in research. …
22 MAR – 25 MAR

1 and 2-Cell Cytoplasmic Microinjection

This course will provide 1-to-1 tailored training in embryo harvesting, sorting, set up and operation of microinjection rigs and introducing CRISPR-Cas9 reagents to embryos using the cytoplasmic microinjection technique. …
01 APR

Recognising Tissues and Artefacts in Histological Sections

*Dates for Spring 2021 are being finalised* This course will cover …
01 APR

View all their courses on the MRC Harwell Advance Training Page
The Advance Training Facilities are also available to hire – find out more information, and follow them on twitter:

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