Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Hero Awards 2023

The deadline to submit nominations EXTENDED to 30th November

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Dementia Hero Awards 2023The 2023 Dementia Hero Awards will recognise and celebrate the involvement and participation of people affected by dementia in activities and projects, centring the people affected by dementia as our Dementia Heroes.

The Dementia Hero Awards Ceremony will take place in April 2023, and the entire month of April will be a month of celebration, showcasing how learning from people with lived experience of dementia is helping to improve the lives of people affected by dementia everywhere.

What are the Dementia Hero Awards?

The Dementia Hero Awards will focus on celebrating the involvement and participation of people affected by dementia and the impact they have for others living with the condition.

The awards will recognise the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations that best demonstrate the impact of meaningful involvement of people affected by dementia.

There are 9 categories in which anyone can nominate their Dementia Hero.

These Awards will recognise winners that have people living with the condition at the heart of everything they do, that empower people with dementia not just to shape, but to lead the change we all want to see in the world.

The awards criteria – The Dementia Hero Awards ceremony will take place in April 2023 at an in-person event in Birmingham.


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When people affected by and living with dementia are leading efforts to change the lives of those with the condition, incredible things can happen. This special award will be open to nominations for individuals or groups that have gone above and beyond to involve people affected by dementia in their work, with incredible impact of the lives of many people affected by dementia.

To improve the lives of everyone living with dementia, we need to affect change across society in our three nations, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The most powerful advocates for change are people living with the condition or campaigners that share their stories. This award honours campaigners and advocates who use their influence to improve the lives of everyone who has a dementia diagnosis, while meaningfully involving others living with the condition every step of the way.

Research and innovation transforms the lives of everyone affected by dementia. This award recognises an individual or group of researchers or innovators who have undertaken exceptional activity that centres the experience and involvement of people with the condition. Nominations should show how they have used the personal experience of dementia to drive their understanding about the condition and can demonstrate clear impact for people affected by dementia.

With more than 1 million people projected to be living with dementia in the UK by 2025, it’s increasingly important that organisations consider the unique needs of people affected by dementia into their product and service design. This category recognises organisations that have gone over and above to involve people living with dementia and those effected by the condition, whether they are customer or employees, to make their business more dementia friendly.

In communities across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland there are individuals, organisations or groups of volunteers who come together with people affected by dementia to make their communities a better place.

This award recognises those projects, activities or groups led by people with lived experience to improve the experiences of people affected by dementia in their community, including dementia friendly community groups, activity groups or local dementia charities and others.

When journalists and broadcasters come together with people living with dementia to share the experiences of what it’s like to live with the condition, it makes a real impact. This award category recognises journalists, broadcasters and people living with dementia whose content has made a genuine impact, highlighting issues for those affected by dementia, raising awareness and challenging common perceptions of dementia.

Evidence shows that supporting people to be actively involved in their own care, treatment and support can improve outcomes and their experience. This award is to recognise the work of an individual healthcare professional, organisation, or groups of professionals, who have provided personalised care to support people living with dementia.

This category celebrates individuals and teams working within local government are who prioritising the needs of people affected by dementia through meaningful co-production. In particular, nominations should demonstrate how the individual or team has consistently involved people affected by dementia in planning, development, and evaluation to improve the outcome of a project or service.

Supporting a person with dementia can be positive and rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. This award recognises carers whose dedication to changing the lives of people affected by dementia and perseverance, would otherwise go unnoticed.

With this award, we will honour a carer, or group of carers, who beyond their individual caring responsibilities, go even further to change the lives of people affected by dementia by using their own experience and involving others in their activity.


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