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Apply Now – Interdisciplinary Online Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia

Deadline 30th June 2019


The aim of the Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia is to facilitate students to develop a comprehensive academic and evidence-based approach to their practice, to critically explore and critique dementia care service provision. The design is such that it will promote collaboration between disciplines of nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, social work and other professionals working with persons living with dementia and their families/significant others.

Graduates of this course, in applying their learning, will be enabled to promote and develop excellence in dementia care in their practice setting thus ensuring that people with dementia live a dignified and meaningful life.

Structure & Delivery

The course is delivered exclusively online over the course of one academic year. As an online student, each week a new session will be available for you to study through our online learning environment, Blackboard. The course materials will be delivered in a variety of formats, for example, podcasts discussion forums and blogs. This creates a media rich environment within which the student can engage in learning activities in a flexible manner.

Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia course (without compensation) are eligible to continue on to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Dementia or a M.Sc. in Dementia from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin within five years of completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia.

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