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We were disapointed our Research Conference couldn't go ahead this year. In its place we saw lots of sharing of ideas and findings right here on Twitter #ARUKconf20 #ResearchContinues

In these unprecedented times, the #ARUKConf20 event really brought people together.

A fantastic response from the dementia research community @ARUKscientist just shows we will come through this stronger!

We were disapointed our Research Conference couldn't go ahead this year. In its place we saw lots of sharing of ideas and findings right here on Twitter #ARUKconf20 #ResearchContinues

Thank you very much from @ARUKscientist to all the researchers that shared and contributed to the virtual conference #ARUKConf20 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you @ClaireDurrant1🔬 and all those contributing to #ARUKconf20

And thank you to all dementia researchers out there!

Research will not stop. It will find a way. How are you? Let us know!

Very late to the party but here is the poster I was going to present at #ARUKconf20 : 'Aβ toxicity rescued by Laminin subunit accumulation - a novel role for the ER?'.
Utilising my favourite beasties to study AD. @IHAatUCL @EdinUniNeuro Ask Qs below if you'd like to hear more!

Missing this year's #ARUKconf20 but happy that @ARUKscientist are still connected virtually in this difficult time of quarantine. I hope through my flash slide I am able to convey my message to stay healthy at home with regular home exercises and healthy eating.

Check out my poster! All you want to know about BIN1 and the UPR!!! I would love to chat with you about it, so contact me for any questions 🙂 #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist

Was looking forward to presenting a flash talk at the @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20 ECR day, so glad it’s gone virtual, hopefully there are more virtual conferences in the future! So, here is my overview of extracellular vesicle (EV) cargo as a diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease 1/9

Well done to @amyfranceslloyd who won the #ARUKconf20 Jean Corsan prize for her work on how microglia affect brain damage. The research was conducted by Amy during her PhD @EdinburghUni 👏

You've probably seen some of our scientists tweeting beautiful images as part of #ARUKconf20. Many of these are part of our Science Image Competition 2020 - You can vote for your favourite on our website until 14 April!

Great initiative by @ARUKscientist to hold this years conference online #arukconf20! No poster submission from me this year, but do have a look at my science photo and vote 😉 (1/2).

Enjoying the virtual #ARUKconf20! Increased regional blood flow in mid-age carriers of a genetic risk. Really enjoyed your interpretation of results @Lizz71551128 @AD_PREVENT

It was lovely to see so many posters shared yesterday for our virtual #ARUKconf20 - do go check them out and ask questions!

Thank you to everyone who has joined in with #ARUKconf20! It has been amazing to see all of your incredible science so far. The best thing about virtual conferences is that the content isn't going anywhere! Please keep asking questions, interacting and uploading!

Excellent presentation with very useful tips from @TSpiresJones #ARUKconf20 for ECRs that are planning to apply for fellowships. Use this lockdown time to focus on your future project and follow her advices while drafting the application.

I look forward to seeing how the results vary in response to different types of Abeta, keep up the great science! #ARUKconf20

Crazy busy day and didn’t get chance to check out the @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20 Tweets but that can be the first job of the day tomorrow.....

I wasn’t registered for the #ARUKconf20 but I have SO enjoyed all of the work presented on Twitter today by my colleagues across the pond! Thank you for sharing @ARUKscientist! #QuarantineHighlight

A bit late to the game, but here's my poster for #ARUKconf20: Altered synaptic ingestion by human microglia in Alzheimer's disease. Kudos to @ARUKscientist for deciding to share the posters virtually! Hit me up with any questions or if you want to discuss anything ❤️ Stay safe!

So this sucks but the best thing to have come out of it is that I get to go to my favorite conference @ARUKscientist all from Boston when previously I wouldn't have got to go! #ARUKconf20

Super informative thread from @TSpiresJones, giving great advice on fellowship applications 😀Check it out! @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

A great idea to share posters for the virtual ARUK conference #ARUKconf20

Here is my poster: an analysis of ASL data from the PREVENT-Dementia cohort @ARUKscientist @AD_PREVENT

Opening twitter and seeing all of the amazing work shared as part of the virtual #ARUKconf20 has made my day! Thank you to everyone who joined in 🙌

It's been so exciting to hear about all of the incredible research happening across the dementia research field today. Thanks everyone! @ARUKscientist #VirtualConference #ARUKconf20

A wonderful idea from ARUK 🍊to host the #ARUKconf20 virtually.

Please see my poster below: "Investigating the role of blood metabolites as biomarkers of cognitive function and dementia in the British 1946 birth cohort."

Feedback always welcomed.

Stratified Medicine Strategies with an Inflammatory Signature Against Alzheimer’s Disease (SMashIng-AD)
Darren Soanes, College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist

We've also had a couple of #ARUKconf20 posters sent to our inbox as well so we can share them with everyone on this thread! First up Janou Roubroeks ( from @UniofExeter

Excellent idea to host the conference virtually this year. Have a look at my poster, and check the thread below where I’ll explain it briefly! Let me know if you have any questions.
@alzheimerssoc @SussexNeuro
@ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

What an honour! Thank you so much to @ARUKscientist for awarding me the Jean Corsan Prize for my work on microglia in remyelination 😁😁😁 #ARUKconf20

Enjoying the virtual ARUK conference so far #ARUKconf20
"Integrated systems approach to identify key dysregulated processes and hub genes in Alzheimer’s disease"

My poster for #ARUKconf20 all about my favourite model system- slice cultures! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to hear more! Key take home messages in thread below:

My poster for #ARUKconf20 with the title of "Integrated lipidomics and proteomics network analysis highlights lipid and immunity pathways associated with Alzheimer's disease".

Here's one of my images i submitted to the imaging competition. I thought it represented the problem of pseudoreplication in neuroscience...

Simple GFP-transfected hippocampal neuron...with a little bit of "processing" 😃

Great to be able to follow along with some v cool posters from the now twitter-based #ARUKconf20 from my NYC isolation pod! Can't help but think this is the way forward for all future poster sessions...

Thanks to @ARUKscientist for taking this virtual in such an isolating time. Nice to have my mind on something else! Like #DOMEProject - creating culturally adapted cognitive tests!

#ARUKconf20 @OfficialUoM @PrimaryCareMcr

FYI, the #ARUKconf20 has invited researchers that would have presented at the conference to tweet their posters today. Search the hashtag to check out the posters.

Thank you all! You got me to kid was impressed! 😀

In science news...check out the #ARUKconf20 virtual poster session going on right now, great trainee posters on #Alzheimers and associated pathologies 🧠

In #COVIDー19 news...stay safe, stay healthy, stay home!

It is incredibly sad to not be in #Newport #Wales for the #ARUKconf20, but we can soldier on via Twitter. Enjoying all the posters being shared today, below I share a few points I would have made during my presentation.
**Feel free to tweet questions as me**
(1/9, a thread)

Really big thank you to @MaryParaske for still doing this interview with us despite #ARUKconf20 being cancelled. Read more about her work on a blood test for Alzheimer's here: @ARUKscientist 🧠

Mary Paraskevaidi on using blood spectroscopy for diagnosing dementia

Mary Paraskevaidi speaks to us about her work on using blood spectroscopy for diagnosing dementia as an emerging concept in the field.

My productivity has been pretty poor since I began #WFH but the virtual #ARUKconf20 is definitely helping with productivity. Thanks for sharing all your amazing research

Those of you using #ARUKconf20 , make sure to include a tinyurl to a high res image of your poster - Twitter ruins the resolution so I can't read most of them!

Sad #ARUKconf20 got cancelled, glad @ARUKscientist are keeping it going online!
What better self isolation activity than to read a poster on cohort and study plans investigating the role of epigenetics in the spectrum of Lewy Body Dementia.

I didn't have a poster to submit for the #ARUKconf20 this year, but I did enter their image competition with this picture I took of a brain slice from a mouse with a neurodegenerative disease (details to follow) 🧠 @ARUKscientist

so sad that the #ARUKconf20 was cancelled this year, but love that it's going virtual!! check out @miriamscarpa4's poster below!🧠

Fantastic thread by @TSpiresJones who was planning to present at the early careers day, as part of the @ARUKscientist #arukconf20

These extraordinary times present an opportunity to hone your grant application writing skills!

A virtual conference, great idea! #ARUKconf20 well done @miriamscarpa4 on your poster! @UoG_TransPharm #UofGTechnicians

#ARUKconf20 going #Virtual is such a great idea!! 💡Check my #poster out and don't hesitate to #comment or contact me for any questions, suggestions or to #network! My email is also on the bottom left 🤓@ARUKscientist #VirtualConference #networkingfromhome #Alzheimers 🧠🔬💊

It's a shame the ARUK conference was cancelled, but I am happy to share a copy of the poster I was due to present here!
Title: Determining the Utility of Epigenetic Modulators to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
@ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20 #ExeterDementia

The Influence of Nedd4 ligases on the dopaminergic midbrain and α-synuclein in Parkinson's disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

Excellent that everyone can still share their research despite the current situation. I hope everyone enjoys exploring the posters for #ARUKconf20! 🧠🔬

Excited to present my poster for the virtual ARUK20 conference.
Poster Title: Intracellular Library Screening to Derive Novel
Peptide-based Inhibitors of Toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease.
Feel free to ask any questions or discussions you may have.
#ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist

Sad to be missing #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist this year but glad that they are going virtual. So amid lab shutdown and home schooling, I'm going to post some tips on how to succeed at fellowship applications that I planned to present at the ECR day conference (a thread) 1/n

Excited to share my poster for the ARUK virtual conference:
"Analysing Mechanisms of Early Synaptic Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease"
I'd be grateful for any feedback and/or questions!
#ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist @mvc1f11 @KatrinDeinhardt

DNA Methylation differences associated with peripheral biomarkers in EMIF-AD.

We identified epigenome-wide significant probes associated with many biomarker measures. #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist

Even when conferences get cancelled, we're happy to share our research virtually! (happy to receive feedback and answer questions)

Poster Title: Neurovascular Function in Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease, Atherosclerosis and a Mixed Comorbid Model #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist

Excellent work @ARUKscientist! If anyone using #BDR tissue is presenting their work virtually, let us know so we can help spread the word on your important contribution to #MakeBreakthroughsPossible #ARUKconf20

Excited to share my poster for virtual ARUK conference day! "NODDI and Curvature-based Investigation of Superficial White Matter in Young-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease" @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20 🍊

PDF, details and some code🐍:

Carried out at @drcionucl 🧠

Poster Title: "Developing a culturally adapted intervention to improve cognitive functioning in British South Asians with dementia: A protocol" #ARUKconf20 @OfficialUoM @ARUKscientist @PrimaryCareMcr @FBMH_DocAcad @FBMH_UoM

Today is the virtual Alzheimer's Research UK Conference #ARUKconf20 @ARUKscientist Our goal: to understand protein aggregation, one molecule at a time. Interested in our work? Can we help with yours? I'll be happy to video chat! DM me for a Google Hangouts link! 1/3

It's vital we continue work to make breakthroughs possible in dementia.

Although it was sad that our Research Conference was cancelled, this hopefully provides a space for some of our researchers to come together, learn from and inspire each other. @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

Poster title:Invistigating the Relationship between Age and Female gender in the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Jawza Almutairi, Cardiff Universirt. #ARUKconf20

Super excited that now I get to spend the day reading about so much cool science! Already some amazing posters on display at @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

If anyone is in the Alzheimer's research field, or just interested in Alzheimer's research, check out #ARUKconf20 as the conference is virtual today @AcademicChatter

Don't forget to upload your poster or video today tagging @ARUKscientist and #ARUKconf20. We can’t wait to see and share all the amazing research that is making breakthroughs possible!

@ARUKscientist @BethEyre3 @arukscientist I will take as many questions/video calls as possible (and not just from scientists)! New questions/discussions can lead to new ideas! #arukconf20

It's vital we continue work to make breakthroughs possible in dementia.

Although it was sad that our Research Conference was cancelled, this hopefully provides a space for some of our researchers to come together, learn from and inspire each other. @ARUKscientist #ARUKconf20

Check out my poster for #ARUKconf20 on the effects of brain training on brain blood flow after acute ischaemic stroke: A feasibility study @ARUKscientist @UoLCVS @UniofLeicester @lbeishon #CHiASM

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