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From the National Institute for Health Research

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The UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is currently developing extended functionality for the Be Part of Research (BPOR) website which is planned to be available in Public Beta for research studies and participants to use from April 2022. This new functionality is being termed Digital Trial Engagement (DTE).

The DTE functionality will provide an opt-in service for those studies on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio and studies that are NIHR funded. The aims of the service are to:

  • Engage research participants throughout their involvement in a study, keeping them informed about the study progress overall, their individual actions, updating them on the outcome of the study and thanking them for their participation. This will be done via an online account with researcher and participant facing interfaces, which will enable the study team to send notifications and information to participants.
  • Extend the current user journey on BPOR to enable members of the public to create an account, register basic demographic information and select conditions/areas of research that they would be interested in taking part in. They will receive alerts when a study they may be interested in taking part in signs up to use the DTE service, the potential participant will decide whether to self-refer to a study. Each study will have the opportunity to create a specific pre-screening questionnaire to ensure only those people who are suitable are able to self-refer.

The anticipated benefits of the service are:


  • Clear self-referral journal to enable potential participants to volunteer to take part in studies
  • Improved participant experience when taking part in research

Researcher/Study Teams

  • Accelerated recruitment from a pre-screened pool of potential participants
  • Increased retention of participants due to improved communication during the study
  • Increased protocol compliance by enabling participants to be better informed in real-time about the study requirements
  • Reduced administration burden

We want to engage with as many researchers as possible and undertake user research with them to ensure that the service is designed for their needs, if you or other colleagues would like to be involved please email emma.maker@nihr.ac.uk to discuss further.

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