Bob & Diane Fund Dementia Stories Photography Competition

Deadline 31st October

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Bob & Diane Fund Dementia Stories Photography Competition

An award for visual storytelling about Alzheimer’s and dementia – with a $5,000 prize

The Bob and Diane Fund seeks submissions from visual storytellers on stories about Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

Who should Apply?

Photographers — still photography only.

Participants of the previous grants can submit their proposal again for 2021 (we encourage you to refresh your submission).

What are we looking for?

Finish. Publish. Show. We are looking for projects that need support to complete, publish or exhibit. These can be intimate stories of loss, as well as those that point out the urgency of a growing medical crisis for Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

Where are these stories from?

Anywhere. Forty-four million people have Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia worldwide, although it is most commonly found in Western Europe and North America. One-third of Americans over age 85 are afflicted with the illness.

When are submissions due?

The 2021 B&DF grant will accept submissions beginning August 29, 2021.

The winning entry will be announced in November 2021—National Caregivers Month.

File submission

  • Submit 250-500 word essay in English describing the project, why this work is important to you and how you see the grant helping you complete the project. Name the file with your initials and proposal at end (ex: GMM_Proposal).

  • Submit 15-25 images (black/white or color). Name the file with your initials and number each image at end (ex: GMM_01, GMM_02).

Files: 72dpi, RGB, 3000 pixels on the long side, jpegs, caption each image (do not include photographer’s name in the captions).

  • Submit bio and/or CV in English as PDF not to exceed 2 pages. Please be sure to include an email, location, and phone number. Name the PDF file with your initials and Bio at end (ex: GMM_Bio).

  • Place essay, images and bio into a ZIP folder labeled with your initials and upload to this Dropbox folder.


We want to help artists create powerful work that increases the understanding of the disease and inspires research to end it.  #findacure

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