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Dementia Special Issue: Patient and Public Involvement in Dementia Research: Moving from Proving to Improving

This special edition of Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice was first conceived following a meeting hosted by Alzheimer’s Society (UK), National Institute of Health Research (NIHR; UK) and Alzheimer’s Society of Canada on PPI before the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in London in July 2017. At the meeting, a scoping review was presented that found there were a small number of published articles reporting on PPI in dementia research and that the impact of PPI was rarely reported. This scoping review is now published as the starting article in this special edition (see Bethell et al., 2018 [1]), but it is then followed by eight articles that report on the diverse methods and impact of PPI. Collectively, the articles that both form and inform this special edition significantly increases the global literature available on this topic area and acts as a repository of ‘best practice’ in PPI. Moreover, it is our ambition as guest editors of this special edition that it will also act as a benchmark for PPI impact as the field moves forward in the years to come.

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Guest edited by James Pickett and Matt Murray

http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/dem/current [2]