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Achieving research impact through policy

04/11/2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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A bit more messy than you might like? Achieving research impact through policy.

This webinar is hosted by the NIHR ARC North Thames Academy Early Career Researchers Network.

We often aspire to see our research have an impact by influencing policy.

But what do we mean by policy and how can we influence policy-makers?

This webinar invites health and care researchers to re-examine what they understand policy to be and how it is made, to help them consider how they might (or might not!) be able to influence policy and policy-makers.

It is aimed at health and care professionals, applied health and care researchers, and anyone with policy-making and research impact.

In this webinar Dr Gemma Hughes and you will:

  • Critically reflect on how policies are made (comparing rational and interpretive approaches to understanding and evaluating policy)
  • Discuss how something becomes a policy ‘problem’
  • Identify the actors and processes involved in a health policy that matters to you
  • Map out how you might influence policy and policy-makers in relation to your research interests

The webinar will be a mix of short talks, interspersed with Q&A discussion and activities that participants will be invited to complete individually. The webinar will last 90 minutes, and there will papers shared ahead for your review.

Please email us at arc.academy@ucl.ac.uk if you have any queries.

Speaker bio

Dr Gemma Hughes is a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford. Gemma brings practical experience and knowledge of health services to her interdisciplinary research, which focuses on critically analysing the relationships between health and social care policy, practice and lived experience.

Gemma has broad interests in how patients and the pubic interact with health and social care services and specific interests in how these interactions are shaped by the complexity of health and care systems and technologies. Gemma has a professional background in the public sector in the UK, having started her career working in areas of homelessness and mental health in the voluntary sector before pursuing a career in the NHS where she held senior service improvement and commissioning roles. Gemma is committed to spanning boundaries between policy, organisational and clinical perspectives to contribute to understanding and addressing ‘real world’ problems of how to organise care.

For further information about Gemma’s current projects and published work, please visit her Oxford profile.


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