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Defying Dementia: Charity Livestream from the Research Frontlines

June 13 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Promotional graphic for a charity livestream event titled "DEFYING DEMENTIA: Charity Livestream from the Research Frontlines." The event is scheduled for 13th June, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm BST, in support of Alzheimer's Research UK. The graphic features seven individuals, all wearing bright orange T-shirts, some holding balloons and a banner promoting Alzheimer's research. The layout includes large text and a livestream play button graphic, suggesting that the event will be broadcast online. The background is simple, emphasizing the text and the group of smiling volunteers.

The UK Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff University and at all its centers across the UK stands at the pinnacle of scientific exploration, tackling the complexities of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and various forms of dementia. Working day and night their dedicated researchers are unlocking the mysteries behind these conditions, striving for breakthroughs that promise a brighter future.

Join them for an exclusive livestream event, offering a rare glimpse into the heart of the labs and the minds of the experts. They will share insights into their groundbreaking work, explain its significance, and illustrate how it paves the way for advancements in dementia diagnosis and treatments. This behind-the-scenes access not only highlights the importance of their work but also the critical role of public and charitable support that makes it all possible.

This special broadcast is in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK, the nation’s foremost dementia research charity. Dementia claims a piece of someone’s story every 3 minutes, but with your support, we have the power to rewrite these tales, offering hope and healing to those affected.

Moreover, the team behind the livestream will take an inspiring leap at Swansea Airfield on the 2nd of June 2024, skydiving for the noble cause of raising essential funds. Every contribution, no matter its size, helps take them closer to their goal.

Embark on this journey and join us for this livestream. It’s an opportunity to stand with the researchers working tirelessly to demystify dementia, improve patient care, and accelerate our quest towards a cure. Together, we can forge a world that better understands dementia, treats people living with the disease with the compassion they deserve, and ultimately finds a cure.

Watch, learn and donate, and let’s make a difference that lasts.

Donate at: https://bit.ly/SkyDiveForARUK

You can watch and ask questions on the Dementia Researcher YouTube Channel or in the following places:

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