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Oligonucleotide therapeutics: challenges and opportunities

08/02/2022 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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This Royal Society meeting will seek to explore the opportunities and existing challenges of oligonucleotide-based therapies as a platform. Speakers will discuss overcoming barriers in manufacturing and stability of molecules, and the delivery, and efficacy and efficiency of oligonucleotide-based therapies.


This meeting will bring together key stakeholders from across the sector to highlight the emerging technologies in the field and explore opportunities around the use of oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents, including siRNA, antisense, and aptamers.

Speakers will also outline some of the key challenges such as targeted delivery, the balance of efficacy and efficiency, and manufacturing that must be addressed if these wide ranging therapeutics are to be successful.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on the future of Oligonucleotide therapeutics.

About the conference series

Supported by AstraZeneca, the meeting will form part of the Royal Society’s Transforming our future conferences in the life sciences. These meetings are unique, high-level events that address the scientific and technical challenges of the next decade. Each conference features cutting edge science from industry and academia and brings together leading experts from the scientific community, including regulatory, charity and funding bodies.

Event organisers

  • Professor Sarah J Tabrizi FMedSci, Director of UCL Huntington’s disease centre, UCL Institute of Neurology, and UK DRI UCL
  • Professor Peter Goodfellow FMedSci FRS
  • Dr Shalini Andersson, AstraZeneca
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