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Salon – Reproducibility

July 10 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



A weekly gathering to discuss careers and research topics, inspired by 17th and 18th century salons from Paris, with a modern twist. These sessions combine livestreams, guest speakers and group chat to exchange ideas, challenge, influence, inspire and educate.

In this session we talk about Reproducibility.

Reproducibility is vital in scientific research as it ensures the reliability and validity of findings, builds trust in science, and supports the accumulation of knowledge. It is essential for maintaining scientific integrity and fostering continued innovation. But are we as researchers good at it? What factors contribute to the reproducibility crisis in science? How can researchers ensure their experiments are reproducible? What role do journals and funding agencies play in promoting reproducibility? These questions and more are just some of the topics we will discuss.


Dr Shea Andrews – is a genetic epidemiologist looking at the role of genetic and environmental risk factors in Alzheimer’s disease. The Andrews Lab focuses on determining the causal pathways that underly the development of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) by applying statistical genetic and genetic epidemiological approaches to large genetic & phenotypic datasets. Currently funded NIH-NIA and Alzheimer’s Association projects include (1) identifying causal risk factors for ADRD using genetic correlations, polygenic risk scores, and mendelian randomization; (2) understanding the role of mitochondrial genomics in ADRD pathogenesis; and (3) evaluating ancestry specific effects of AD genetic variants on AD endophenotypes.

Rebecca Williams – is PhD student at the University of Cambridge. Rebecca completed her undergraduate and masters at the University of Oxford before joining University of Cambridge for her doctorate researching Frontotemporal dementia and Apathy.


The format of the event is a 30 minute livestream where the speakers will each present their thoughts on this topic for 10 minutes each, the host will then ask questions and the livestream will end. The speakers will then join the online chat and interact with the audience, answering questions and giving those who attended a chance to share their thoughts on the topic.

Missed the live event? Available catch-up on Dementia Researcher Communities – Online or in the App


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