Falling Walls Female Science Talents programme

Deadline 15th November

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Falling Walls Female Science Talents programme

The Falling Walls Female Science Talents – Intensive Track Programme, aims to inspire and empower talented women in science, who have a strong background in research, to make their next career step. Helping young talents to pursue flexible career paths and support them in building an international network. The Falling Walls Female Science Talents programme pursues both the broad-based promotion of women in science and the promotion of exceptional talents.

The Intensive Track, we provides close support for 20 exceptionally talented women in science. The goal is to increase their visibility and help them achieve a personal career breakthrough within one year. The selected champions get the opportunity to meet outstanding women leaders and are matched with high-profile mentors. They participate in intensive trainings both online and in-person in Berlin. Regular meetings encourage the 20 women to build an international success team for peer learning, peer coaching, and mutual support. They promote the champions’ international visibility and impact by including their stories and achievements in Falling Walls Social Media campaigns, and having them speak in a public event set during the Berlin Science Week in November each year.

Call for applications

We open a call for applications for our career supporting Intensive Track.

The application deadline: 15 November 2021

The programme’s start date: Intensive Track starts on 1 January 2022 and ends on 31 December 2022.

Contact: Female Science Talents Team femalesciencetalents@falling-walls.com

For more information please see the Selection Process and the Structure and Curriculum of the Programme.


All researchers with a doctorate and postdocs or comparable qualification levels from all disciplines at university and non-university research institutions worldwide are eligible to participate. We are looking for exceptional talents who conduct inspiring research in their field.

Especially we are looking for:

  • A personality who can take responsibility and inspire and convince people.
  • A visionary who recognizes changes and upheavals and breaks new ground. She uses unexpected methods and accepts risks to achieve her goals.
  • A framer capable of driving scientific, economic, or social innovation in an uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment.

Please, send us the following documents for the application process:

  • CURRICULUM VITAE: Show us the most important stages of your life (in a tabular form).
  • LETTER OF MOTIVATION: Why do you think this programme is right for you? (2000 characters)
    • Tell us about yourself (300 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us about your research (600 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us about your goals and the vision for your career (600 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us how our programme can help you achieve your goals (500 characters limit incl. spaces)
  • VIDEO: Convince us about you. You have:
    • 3 minutes,
    • 1 opportunity, and
    • our undivided attention.

The Deadline: 15 November. Please, send the CV and the letter of motivation in PDF format, max 5 MB as well as the video in MP3 format to femalesciencetalents@falling-walls.com

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