Funding Opportunities

Bringing together the latest opportunities from the main UK research funders

  • 2018 Grant Round for Research – PhD studentships, Junior Fellowships, Innovative awards and Project grants

    Welcoming applications for projects that will increase our understanding of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) as well as improving care for people living with this condition.

    29/06/2018   |   The Lewy Body Society
  • Advancing Applied Analytics

    Advancing Applied Analytics programme aimed at improving analytical capability in support of health and care services With £750,000 of funding to support up to 12 project teams across the UK over 15 months.

    01/05/2018   |   Health Foundation
  • Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship

    For registered non-medical healthcare professionals who wish to obtain a PhD by research whilst continuing to develop their clinical skills.

    27/04/2018   |   National Institute for Health Research
  • Clinical Research Fellowship

    Funding for salary at Specialty Registrar level or equivalent university scales and a contribution up to £20,000 per annum toward research, animal and travel costs.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Clinician Scientist Award Round 18

    The NIHR Clinician Scientist Award offers up to 5 years funding to undertake focused training and development in order to develop specific skills that will enable a transition from basic research into clinical research or from clinical research into translational and applied research.

    09/05/2018   |   National Institute for Health Research
  • Dementia Consortium

    Funding, resources and expertise to both increase the number of, and capitalise upon, new drug targets emerging from across the academic sector that hold promise of bringing patient benefit.

    23/04/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Drug discovery call for proposals

    This program will fund clinical studies to measure the safety and tolerability of new drugs for Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, as well of proof of efficacy studies with biomarker or cognitive outcomes. 

    13/04/2018   |   Alzheimer's Drug Discovery FoundationAlzheimer's Society
  • Enabling people to live well with dementia through interventions in a community setting – Call 18/06

    Researching which interventions within a community environment (physical and social) make it easier for people with dementia to maintain quality of life and remain living in their community for longer?

    24/07/2018   |   National Institute for Health Research
  • Improving the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes at scale – Call 18/11

    Research is required to improve the participation, conduct and impact of research in the care home sector.

    10/05/2018   |   National Institute for Health Research
  • Interdisciplinary Research Grant

    The Interdisciplinary Research Grant scheme is designed to encourage researchers into dementia research who have expertise and ideas which could benefit the field.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Major Projects

    Up to £1 million for high quality research projects. Covers salaries (research, technical, students etc), equipment, animal costs and running costs (consumables, travel etc).

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Network Accelerate Scheme

    The Network Accelerate Scheme provides funds (to a maximum of £250,000) for research resources or tools that could be of benefit to biomedical dementia research in the Alzheimer’s Research UK Network and beyond.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Network Cooperation Grant

    The Network Cooperation grant scheme provides funds for any type of project or scheme that will further cooperation and collaboration between two or more Alzheimer’s Research UK Network Centres.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • PhD Scholarship

    The PhD Scholarship scheme providing a stipend, PhD tuition fees and research / travel costs.

    03/10/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Pilot Project Grants

    The Pilot project scheme provides funds for small innovative research projects and pilot studies.

    03/10/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Post-doctoral Fellowships – Healthcare Improvement

    Post-doctoral fellowship to focus on improving quality and safety in UK healthcare.

    09/07/2018   |   Health FoundationTHIS Institute
  • Public Health Research Programme Rapid Funding Scheme

    Funds to conduct rapid baseline data collection, as well as other feasibility work, prior to intervention implementation.

    31/12/2018   |   National Institute for Health Research
  • Rapid Response: Ireland, Netherlands, UK 2018 (Fluid Biomarkers)

    Seed funding, without requirement for preliminary data, to support high-risk, high-reward research on novel biomarkers in patient-derived fluids for neurodegenerative diseases of aging

    23/04/2018   |   Weston Brain Institute
  • Research Fellowship

    Funding for salary and a contribution of up to £20,000 per annum toward research, animal and travel costs.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Scientific Conference Grants

    Scheme to promote networking, collaborations, communication and dissemination of research results through scientific conferences.

    05/01/2021   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Senior fellowship – Healthcare Improvement

    An opportunity for an established researcher of international standing in a senior academic role to undertake a visionary, field-changing sabbatical, unencumbered by routine duties.

    18/09/2018   |   Health FoundationTHIS Institute
  • Senior Research Fellowship

    Provides up to £420,000 to cover Fellow salary, support staff and running costs.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Translational Bioinformatics Approaches to Advance Drug Repositioning and Combination Therapy Development for AD

    Integrate the use of computational approaches to identify individual drugs currently used for other conditions with potential to be efficacious in AD or AD-related dementias

    05/06/2018   |   National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA
  • Travelling Research Fellowship

    Funding for salary and a contribution of up to £20,000 per annum towards research, animal and travel costs for the home (UK) lab and visiting (abroad) lab.

    04/07/2018   |   Alzheimer's Research UK