18/169 Mechanisms of action of health interventions

The EME Programme invites proposals for hypothesis driven research into the underlying mechanisms of action of clinical and public health interventions. Studies must utilise patients or samples from identifiable cohorts from current or completed NIHR-funded projects from the following programmes: i4i, EME (including the MRC/NIHR transferred portfolio), HS&DR, HTA, PHR, RfPB and PGfAR.

Proposals will be accepted across a wide range of interventions; including behavioural, pharmaceutical, psychological, surgical and public health interventions. The research should be hypothesis driven, relevant to the intervention and outcomes proposed by the original study and add significantly to the scientific understanding of the mechanisms of action of the intervention.

The proposed research may involve the analysis or reanalysis of previously stored specimens or data, or the collection of new specimens or new data for additional analysis, provided it is obtained from the study participants. Applicants must have agreement from the CI of the original NIHR study.

Discovery of new biomarkers is not within the remit of the EME Programme.

Applicants will need to make a strong case for how a better understanding of the mechanisms of action will potentially contribute to the future use or development of the technology, future wealth creation and for the ultimate benefit of individual patients’ or the wider NHS.

Important Information for Applicants to this call:

The eligibility form must be completed in the first instance. This can be found on our website under the current mechanisms of action of health interventions call and will provide details on:

  • The NIHR-funded project that will provide the patients or samples for the mechanistic study
  • The hypothesis/hypotheses being tested
  • How this will contribute to improved understanding of the original intervention
  • What impact the results of the study are likely to have


The NIHR is holding webinars to support this funding opportunity on Tuesday 22 January 2019, 14:00-15:00 and Wednesday 23 January 2019,11:00- 12:00pm. Please register your interest in attending by completing our webinar sign-up form.

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