19/104 Health Services & Delivery Research Programme (evidence synthesis)

The researcher-led workstream welcomes Stage 1 (and straight to Stage 2 Evidence Synthesis) proposals on topics or research questions identified by researchers within the programme’s remit. The aim is to fund research that will lead to improvements in health services that will be of greatest benefit to the NHS and to patients. We are interested in a range of types of research including primary research and evidence synthesis.

We are particularly keen to see large scale studies of national importance. This means primary research projects which:

• Address an issue of major strategic importance to the NHS, with the cost in line with the significance of the problem to be investigated
• Are likely to lead to changes in practice that will have a significant impact on a large number of patients across the UK
• Aim to fill a clear ‘evidence gap’, and are likely to generate new knowledge of direct relevance to the NHS
• Have the potential for findings to be applied to other conditions or situations outside the immediate area of research
• Bring together a team with strong expertise and track record across the full range of relevant disciplines
• Will be carried out across more than one research site.

If you are planning a project of this type you may wish to refer to the MRC Complex Interventions Framework

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