19/13 Support interventions for carers

Application dates: 14 February 2019 to 09 May 2019

The Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme are accepting stage 1 applications to their commissioned workstream:

19/13 Support interventions for carers

i. What approaches may be effective in identifying older carers, or younger carers not yet known to services?

ii. What are the barriers to older or younger carers accessing carer support services and/or services for the recipient of care, and what interventions, and support services and /or care models are acceptable to these groups and the persons they look after?

iii. What is the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of carer support interventions designed to meet the needs of carers, on the carers’ health outcomes and those of the care recipient, and on health and social care service utilisation?

iv. What support and respite care models whose primary aim is carer wellbeing are experienced as beneficial and acceptable by carers and the recipient of care? Examples include short term residential placements, peer support for carers, and befriending for those cared for, short holidays for carers such as provided by Revitalise, or charities such as After Umbrage providing free, short breaks for carers looking after or recently bereaved of someone they cared for with a life limiting condition.

In order to apply you will need to carefully review the:

The deadline for applications is 1pm, 9 May 2019.

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