19/61 Mitigation of the adverse effects of health and social care interventions

Applications are sought for research to evaluate interventions for the avoidance, management or amelioration of adverse effects experienced in the implementation of established health and social care interventions. Adverse effects associated with all types of intervention within the NHS and social care services, including adverse drug reactions, adverse surgical events and adverse effects of medical testing procedures are included within the remit of this call.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel interventions to reduce adverse effects (e.g. to stop misprescribing).
  • Novel interventions to identify patients at increased risk of adverse effects.
  • Studies to stratify patients to an established treatment that has very severe adverse effects.
  • Development of health technologies which promise an improved safety profile.
  • Additive interventions which may improve the safety profile of existing technologies.
  • Pharmacogenomic strategies to mitigate the risks of exaggerated or diminished drug responses.

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