20/07 Mobile data for public health

The ubiquitous use of mobile technologies has potentially made available an unprecedented amount of human behavioural and environmental data at both individual and aggregated levels. This information source has a wide variety of uses in different fields such as urban and transport planning and economic development. Over the past decade or so, big data analytics has been shown to be important to the future of healthcare and it is argued that its advancement and further development will bring a demonstrable benefit for public health (e.g. tracking the spread of disease, physical activity levels and transport use).

The Public Health Research Programme is interested in receiving applications using a range of potentially innovative designs and methods to evaluate whether, how and at what cost, existing publicly available non-health mobile digital technologies can be harnessed to improve population health in the UK.

Proposals received by 1pm on 28 July 2020, and deemed within remit, will be assessed for their importance to public health by the Prioritisation Committee (PC) in September 2020.

Shortlisted Stage 1 proposals from this round will be considered by the Funding Committee (FC) in October 2020, and assessed for scientific quality, feasibility and value for money. Applicants will be informed of the FC’s decisions in late October 2020, and successful applicants will be invited to submit a Stage 2 application. Applicants have eight weeks to complete and submit a Stage 2 application for it to be considered at the February 2021 Funding Committee.

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