2019/20 Grant Funding Round One

Our name might indicate that we only work in the medical sciences.  In fact, we welcome applications for research projects involving the range of academic disciplines: biological and biomedical sciences, health, social care, the built environment, engineering, behavioural science and others.  Project proposals must, however, aim to:

  • further the understanding of the mechanisms of ageing
  • help to treat disease, disability and frailty relating to ageing
  • develop and innovate in the care and support of older people.

We also like to support the development of careers of those who choose to work these areas so:

  • we like to see project proposals which encompass career development support for the project team;
  • we welcome first-time Principal Investigators.  (We would, however, expect to see a more experienced Co-Investigator as a member of the team);
  • we provide funding for Research Training Fellowships, either on our own account or in partnership with other organisations and invite fellows (and research assistants on our project grants) to join our fellows’ network.

Requests for research funding are appraised against criteria set out within our Research Funding Strategy, in addition to the basic criteria set out in our Grant Making Policy.


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