22/1 HTA Researcher-led call Primary Research

The Health Technology Assessment Programme is accepting stage 1 applications to their researcher-led workstream.

In order to apply you will need to carefully review the:

Applications received on this date which are deemed to be both in remit and competitive will be considered by a HTA Funding Board in July 2022 with first stage decisions communicated to applicants in July 2022.

Please note the following

The programme reserves the right to review and develop potentially important research areas for the NHS highlighted during the assessment of unsuccessful researcher-led applications. Research topics may be further developed with the aim of openly funding further research to address NHS priorities. Research assessed as an NHS priority will be advertised as a commissioning brief (i.e. a call inviting research proposals in a specified topic area addressing an NHS need). All briefs are openly advertised and proposals submitted to address a brief are considered in direct competition.

The programme obtains topic suggestions from a wide range of sources and on occasion proposals may be submitted to the researcher–led (CET) streams which are on a similar topic area as one in development via our commissioned stream. Please note that commissioning briefs take priority over applications to researcher-led funding calls. If an application is submitted on a similar topic to a commissioning brief or any proposed research areas for HTA commissioned calls, it will not be considered and either:

  • once the commissioning brief is advertised, the applicant can tailor their application to the commissioning brief and submit it in response to this, or
  • if a decision is made not to advertise a commissioning brief, applicants can apply through the researcher-led workstream in the usual way.

All primary research projects are expected to establish a programme appointed Study Steering Committee and it is important that you read the TSC/SSC Guidance before completing your application. Costs incurred by this committee should be included in the budget as appropriate.

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