Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at GBHI


Applications require two letters of support to demonstrate regional commitment to an applicant’s success, as well as a personal statement from the applicant that describes their passion and interest in the program.

Questions about the application process?

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The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program at GBHI is an opportunity to elevate your dedication and contributions to brain health. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to brain health and health care policy, as well as an ability to implement effective interventions in their home community and to become a regional leader in brain health.

GBHI welcomes applications from people living anywhere in the world and working in a variety of professions.


  • Long-term commitment to the values, mission, and goals of the program

  • The ability to bring creative and relevant projects to fruition

  • Ideas that could transform their local or global brain health environment

  • Willingness and availability to complete 12 months of full-time, in-residence training

  • Fluency in English

  • For physicians and scientists: successful completion of final graduate or post-graduate training (residency, fellowship, post-doctoral training, government internship, etc.)


  • Find housing near your training site

  • Connect with your project mentors, peers, and GBHI alumni

  • Attend the annual GBHI conference

  • Impact brain health in your home community


Check out Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us at

Are you having trouble applying? If you are interested in applying from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the region of Crimea, please email us directly at For additional information, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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