BNA Exchange Grants

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) is pleased to announce the launch of this news scheme to support the sharing, collaboration, acquisition of skills and building of friendships between neuroscience groups in the UK and other countries.

Through this scheme, PhD students and Early Career Researchers* (ECRs) can apply for up to £2000 GBP to visit and work in a host laboratory. Additional costs can be met by other grants or Department funds, but the applicant must not supplement with their own finances. Exchange trips can be either direction: from UK to another country or vice versa. The exact duration and  nature of the placement should be determined by mutual agreement between the host lab and individual to suit their particular circumstances. However, such placements would be expected to:

  • Be at least two weeks in duration
  • Entail learning of a new skill, technique, experimental approach etc that would not be readily possible in the ‘home’ research group
  • Be undertaken with full agreement of the individual’s supervisor / Principal Investigator


  • You must be a postgraduate or Early Career Researcher* (ECR) member of the BNA at the time of application. You can join here straight away.
  • You must be undertaking research related to the science of the brain or nervous system in any field, discipline or capacity.
  • Applicants currently based in a different country to their home nation can apply for an exchange trip returning to their home nation, but only if they have been working continuously in a different country for at least the last three consecutive years.
  • Applicants can NOT apply to carry out an exchange trip to an institution where they have previously studied or worked.

*The eligibility and definition of ECR is contained within the criteria listed under our ECR membership category. You may be asked to provide proof of your student or early career status, e.g. a photograph of relevant certificate, ID card, official letter or equivalent.

How to apply

  • Complete the online form (link below)
  • send the following to
    1. a recommendation letter from a current supervisor or senior colleague (350 words max) indicating name, affiliation, address, contact details, and
    2. your curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages) including education and degrees earned, current research projects/techniques used, publications/abstracts/presentations, and any other relevant information.

You can apply at any time.  We have a total budget of £6000 for this scheme per financial year, which runs from 1st October to 30th September.

Visit funding web page

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