Dementia Consortium Expression of Interest

Alzheimer’s Research UK have re-opened calls for applications to the Dementia Consortium thanks to the support of our pharmaceutical industry Partners.

The deadline for expressions of interest outlining your target-based research proposal is 30 November 2020.

The Dementia Consortium is a global initiative that sees Alzheimer’s Research UK partner with the pharmaceutical industry to validate novel targets for the diseases that cause dementia. The Dementia Consortium is seeking innovative academic proposals, which aim to robustly demonstrate target relevance to human disease. Targets should have some preliminary supporting data and targets with a genetic link to dementia and/or tool molecules to support target validation are particularly welcome.

Successful applicants will be granted funding and collaborative access to expert industry support for their research projects. For further information before submitting your application or to get in touch with us for an informal discussion please email:

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