Global Health Policy and Systems Research Commissioned Awards 2019

The NIHR Global HPSR programme supports research which aims to improve whole health systems and health services in ODA-eligible countries on the DAC list through development of equitable partnerships between LMIC and UK researchers, who together will engage stakeholders to identify and address priorities for research in health policy and health systems and develop plans for capacity strengthening and knowledge sharing.

Ultimately, research outcomes will be expected to underpin the WHO #HealthForAll campaign to promote universal health coverage (UHC) towards meeting SDG3, achieved through supporting high quality, appropriate and applicable NIHR-funded global health policy and systems research.

The scope of the NIHR Global HPSR Programme is broad, covering any area of applied health services and whole systems research, which can ultimately strengthen and improve health systems for people in ODA-eligible countries on the DAC list. It includes but is not limited to applied research on wider elements of health systems such as governance, financing, health workforce, information systems, quality, and service delivery and the impacts of broader determinants of health. It can involve global health policy and systems research across the following domains:

Micro-level (patient and practitioners)

Meso-level (organisation and delivery of health care)

Macro-level (regional/national)

The Programme particularly encourages involvement of a wide range of disciplines driven by the research questions and needs as identified by stakeholders in LMICs and relevant to low resource settings.

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