Network Accelerate Scheme

Alzheimer’s Research UK is Europe’s largest charity funder of dementia research, funding the best biomedical research, from basic to clinical, that improves our understanding of all the causes of different dementias or improves diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

The Network Accelerate Scheme provides up to £250,000 for research resources that could benefit the biomedical dementia research field. This could include the generation and validation of reagents, such as antibodies or tool compounds, the maintenance/creation of research resources (sample collections, data analysis/bioinformatics tools) or scientific networking beyond what could normally be covered by contributions from Network Centre grants. Examples of these could be topic-specific meetings or groupings (e.g. covering a specific dementia subtype, methodology, area of interest).

  • The Lead Applicant and point of contact must be a member of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Network.
  • A Network Accelerate Scheme must include two or more Alzheimer’s Research UK Network Centres.
  • It can also include researchers or institutions outside the UK. The Lead Applicant is expected to have a contract (fixed term or tenure) which covers the proposed duration of the grant.
  • If the Lead Applicant does not hold a tenure appointment, the application must include a co-applicant that does.
  • If the project requires Ethics approval and/or Home Office licences, the award is dependent upon the requisite approvals being granted.

This scheme is not designed to cover: Clinical trials and opportunities to research ‘add ons’ to ongoing clinical trials Drug discovery or development Clinical trials and add-ons should be applied for through the Global Clinical Trials Fund. Drug discovery and development work should be applied for through the Dementia Consortium or through ARUK’s Drug Discovery Institutes.

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