Novel targets drug discovery

What we’re looking for

The Consortium is looking for novel targets in the areas of neurodegeneration and dementia generated by scientists at academic institutions in the UK and the rest of the world. We support target validation studies: preclinical research that aims to give confidence in the relevance of a novel target to a disease. The approaches can cover all aspects of dementia therapy, from treating the underlying pathology to improving cognition and other mental symptoms. The targets will be early stage, but should have some supporting data to support their role in disease; for example, based on population disease association studies, siRNA and rescue studies, or transgenic animal studies.


The research projects we support are collaborative in nature, with involvement from the Consortium members in devising the final project plan. Applicants will work with the expert high-throughput screening, medicinal chemistry and antibody engineering teams within the Consortium to progress their projects towards the clinic, and may access additional resources from the industrial partners.

Target review process

Submitted targets will be reviewed in a two stage process. Both stages will consider scientific, legal, intellectual property, and commercial aspects of due diligence. The initial triage reviews will take place every six to eight weeks and will consider brief, non-confidential applications. Projects that successfully pass triage will be taken forward to a second filter review. These reviews will take place every three to four months and Full Applications will be put together in close collaboration with the Consortium, examining the scientific rationale and providing a detailed experimental and project plan.

DC app process

Feasibility studies

Projects that are approved for launch will enter a short feasibility period, where we will secure access to materials, reproduce key results and reach agreement with relevant institutions.

Accepted projects

Accepted projects will be funded by the Consortium, dependent on successful completion of milestones as detailed in the project plan and Alzheimer’s Research UK’s grant terms and conditions. LifeArc will oversee the day-to-day management of the project, and will organise regular project update meetings.

DC project process


The goal of each project is to validate novel targets or approaches for small molecule or antibody based therapies in dementia, with accompanying supporting date from cellular and animal models of disease. Industrial Consortium partners provide opportunities to take the research further into clinical development. If a project is successful, applicants and the Consortium members will all benefit from seeing new therapies reach patients.


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