Outreach and Engagement Grant

Grant details

  • Who can apply: Members and non-members of the Society
  • Maximum award: £4,000 (additional funding of £500 is available for audiences that are under served or that typically we fail to reach, or support for mobility issues and special educational needs). You do not need to apply for the maximum amount
  • Deadline: there is no deadline to apply, but claims must be made at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the proposed project

This grant is designed to support activities where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders (or to create resources used for education and training). Proposals eligible for support can be very diverse, from pieces of art and drama to popular music, or funds may be used to aid individuals to attend and exhibit at public science festivals, or in collaborations with schools and community groups. Resources promoting microbiology that may also be considered for support could consist of the following: personal time and materials in the design, production and delivery of items such as software, books, videos and other items used in education.

The main criterion is that the event/activity/resource must in some way promote the science of microbiology and inspire your target audience. Applications will be judged against, but not limited to, the following criteria and should demonstrate:

  • that the project is relevant, innovative, microbiology-based and communicates underlying concepts, issues and concerns to the target audience
  • targeting of specific public audiences with clear objectives on how to make an impact on the target audience (cross-disciplinary collaborations are encouraged)
  • evidence of how publicity will be gained to reach the target audience
  • evidence of working with microbiologists to ensure accurate content
  • evidence of realistic monitoring and evaluation
  • cost effectiveness
  • evidence that the applicant has a plan to meet any shortfall in funding not covered by this grant
  • a realistic understanding of health and safety issues.

Applicants may only apply for this grant once in any 2-year period. However, if the proposed project is suitable and further support is required after the first year, this may be considered. The applicant must submit justification for further funding support using the form below. The maximum subsequent award available is £4,500 per annum.

Eligible persons are members and non-members of the Society. In addition, expert public engagement specialists/science communicators are also eligible to apply. This is provided that satisfactory evidence is produced concerning their expertise and provided that any suggested project has an element of applied microbiology within its theme. Applicants MUST declare any other funding applied for or received from additional sources.

Recipients of the grant will be expected to share any resources, if applicable, with SfAM members and the Society will help facilitate this exchange. Outreach and Engagement Grant recipients are also required to advertise SfAM as sponsors of the project and indicate clearly what type of publicity you will be able to offer SfAM.

A feature report on the SfAM-funded project (800 to 1,500 words) must be provided for publication consideration by the Microbiologist magazine.

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