Physics of Life Student Summer Bursary project awards

Physics of Life Student Summer Bursary project awards

One of the network’s objectives is to train and equip the next generation of scientists for this interdisciplinary field. To support this, the Physics of Life network is offering summer bursaries to undergraduates interested in pursuing multidisciplinary research projects combining physics and biology.

The aim of this bursary scheme is to give motivated undergraduates the opportunity to gain experience in writing a research proposal, and with training, carry out independent research alongside established academics. Experience gained from these projects can provide invaluable skills, useful for student personal development and future employability.

The research generated from summer bursary projects can play an important role in catalysing/pump-priming research in the form of publication and larger possible PoL research grants for academics working across Physics and Biology.

For general enquiries related to this opportunity, please email the Physics of Life co-ordinator Karis Baker,


  • Applicants should be undergraduates in the second, third or fourth year of a science degree registered in biology, physics or chemistry/biochemistry.
  • Bursaries are available to any UK/EU or international student currently studying at a UK university.
  • Supporting academic supervisors must come from a UK university. Only one application per primary Bursary Supervisor will be accepted.
  • Projects can be either remote or lab based.
  • Lab based projects must follow host university health and safety related to latest COVID guidelines.

Funding availability

  • Projects must be a minimum of 4 weeks, up to a maximum of 8 weeks. Please specify the length of programme required in the application form.
  • Students will be provided a bursary of £260 pw to cover their expenses during the studentship.

How to apply

  • The student should contact prospective supervisor(s) ahead of time and the student and supervisor(s) should develop a project and application together.
  • Projects must be interdisciplinary with life (biological and/or medical) and physical sciences components.
  • A single proposal submission should be made by the student applicant using the below online form. The amount of input will depend on both the Bursary Supervisor(s) and the applicant.
  • Once the bursary application form is submitted by the bursary applicant a copy will be sent to the nominated supervisor(s). The application will only be considered when approval has been given by the primary bursary supervisor(s).

Selection Procedure
The review committee will be composed of academics sitting on the Physics of Life Steering Group committee.

Examples of past student Summer bursary projects
In 2019, the network funded 11 bursary projects, see: Student Summer Bursaries – Physics of Life
In 2020, the network funded 3 covid related bursary projects.

Summer Bursaries 2021
The summer bursary scheme for 2021 is NOW OPEN. The application deadline is 19 April 2021. Applicants will be notified of outcomes by the end of May 2021.

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