Pilot projects

The Pilot project scheme is meant for novel research ideas that if successful would lead to a Major project or programme application to Alzheimer’s Research UK or other funding body.

This scheme also provides funds for small, translational research projects that show potential for an application to the Dementia Consortium or collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Research UK Drug Discovery Alliance.

Provided to cover salaries (research, technical, students etc), equipment, animal costs and running costs (consumables, travel etc).

Duration: Up to two years.

The lead applicant and point of contact must be based in a UK academic/research institution. However, the application can include researchers or institutions outside the UK. Co-applicants from small and medium enterprises are permitted.

The Lead Applicant is expected to have a contract (fixed term or tenure) which covers the proposed duration of the grant. Alzheimer’s Research UK can contribute to salaries of co-applicants that do not have tenure or fixed term contracts but not to Lead Applicant salaries.

If the Lead Applicant does not hold a tenure appointment, the application must include a co-applicant that does.

If the project requires ethical approval and/or Home Office licences, the award is dependent upon the requisite approvals being granted.

Applicants seeking to obtain preliminary data before a collaboration with one or more of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Drug Discovery Institutes are required to hold early discussions with either one of the DDI Chief Scientific Officers (CSOs) regarding the suitability of the target and the data that is necessary to obtain before further work is initiated. A letter of support for the PPG work plan will be required of the collaborating DDI CSO(s) with the application.

Applicants aiming to gain preliminary data to support an Expression of Interest submission to the Dementia Consortium are not required to obtain a letter of support from Evotec. However, applicants will be asked to justify how the outcomes of their proposals would fit within the remit of a future Dementia Consortium project.

This scheme is not designed to cover:

  • Clinical trials and opportunities to research ‘add ons’ to ongoing clinical trials
  • Bridging funds for staff between posts/funding

DRI post-docs eligible for funding under the “UK DRI Pilot Studies Programme” are not eligible to apply for ARUK Pilot Project grants.

See our Eligibility Guidelines for further information.


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