PRP Recovery, Renewal, Reset: Research to inform policy responses to COVID-19 in the health and social care systems

The NIHR Policy Research Programme (NIHR PRP) invites applications for research to inform the policy response to challenges posed by COVID-19; and to capture learning arising from the pandemic. The research specification document sets out the need for research in specific topic areas to inform medium- to longer-term policy decisions for health and social care resulting from COVID-19.

Please only apply to this initiative if your proposal is for research on a national policy question, informing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic or helping us learn from responses to the pandemic to inform recovery. Topics are set out in more detail in the Research Specification and may be updated in the “New Priorities Highlights” section. COVID-19 research on basic science, clinical issues, and on specific social care and health service delivery may be suitable for other NIHR and UKRI programmes. If you are unsure which route to apply to please or visit the website

You can start working on your application using the offline template, the guidance and specification under “supporting information”. The online form for the first round of the call will become available on 16 June 2020 and applications must be submitted online by 1pm on 16 July 2020. There are also two further application deadlines on 10 September 2020 (second round deadline) and 22 October 2020 (third round deadline).

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