Rapid Response: Ireland, Netherlands, UK 2018 (Fluid Biomarkers)

Seed funding, without requirement for preliminary data, to support high-risk, high-reward research on novel biomarkers in patient-derived fluids for neurodegenerative diseases of aging. Up to £180,000 over up to 18 months per project, with a total of £540,000 available for the full program.

Important Dates

Info Webinar 1: 27 Feb. 2018, 4pm GMT / Info Webinar 2: 29 Mar. 2018, 4pm BST
Letter of Intent deadline: 23 Apr. 2018, 4pm BST
Proposal deadline: 13 Sept. 2018, 4pm GMT
Anticipated award notification: Nov. 2018


Principal Applicants must be at or above the level of Postdoctoral Researcher and at eligible institutions located in Ireland, the Netherlands, or the UK (as defined in the program details).

Only biomarkers measured in patient-derived fluids (e.g., blood, CSF, saliva) are eligible. Biomarkers must be previously identified (as defined in the program details) and be for human disease diagnosis, prognosis, for patient stratification to clinical trials or to predict response to therapies. Biomarker discovery and unbiased screening approaches are not considered within the scope.

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