Research, Development and Analysis Fund

Research, Development and Analysis Fund

Their Research, Development and Analysis fund is for projects to inform the design and operation of social policy and practice across their three core domains of EducationWelfare and Justice.

Fund information

They have a two-stage application process. Applicants submit a short outline application, and those that meet their criteria are invited to submit a full application, which is subject to independent peer review and considered by Trustees. They support short-listed applicants in refining their proposed projects, to help maximise their rigour and potential impact.

Applications for grants under £750,000 are considered twice a year, with deadlines for outline applications in March and September.

They also welcome applications between £750,000 and £3 million for more strategic projects that take an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the most significant themes and developments that will shape the UK public policy and agenda and wider society over the next decade and beyond. They will consider applications for grants of this scale and scope once a year, with a deadline for outline applications in March. Funding for these projects replaces that available through their Strategic Fund, which ran from 2019-2021.

Their funding approach is set out in their strategy. To see their full funding priorities and application criteria, please read their Guide for applicants.

Before submitting an outline application, you must check that their Terms and conditions are acceptable, both to you and your host institution.

What they look for

  • Is the research question relevant?
  • Is there a clear conceptual framework?
  • Is the question researchable and the methodology appropriate and rigorous?
  • Does the team possess appropriate experience, expertise and potential?
  • Is the budget requested appropriate and does it offer good value for money?
  • Is there a clear route to use the output to positively influence future outcomes?

Further detail on these criteria can be found in their Guide for applicants.

Applications for research, development and analysis grants are usually between £10,000 and £750,000. Most of the grants they award are between £50,000 and £300,000 and are between six months and three years in duration, but they will occasionally consider proposals with a larger budget or longer timescale.

The best way to test the eligibility of a proposal and its fit with their criteria is to submit an outline application.

  • Individuals without a formal employment or other relationship with the institution hosting the grant.
  • Projects led by individuals unaffiliated to any particular organisation.
  • Projects led by schools or further education colleges.
  • Projects led by undergraduates or masters students.
  • PhD fees or projects where the main purpose is to support a PhD.
  • The establishment of academic posts.
  • Ongoing costs or the costs of ‘rolling out’ existing work or services.
  • ‘Dissemination-only’ projects, including campaigning work, which are not connected to their funded work.
  • Local charities, replacement for statutory funding, or local social services or social welfare provision.
  • Requests for financial help or educational fees from or on behalf of individuals.

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