Research Fellowship

Research Fellowships are designed for promising PhD qualified non-clinical researchers who have delivered previous research projects with evidence of impactful outputs and have clear plans to establish their own research ‘niche’.

Provided for salary and contribution towards research, animal and travel costs.

Duration: Up to three years

If you are clinically-qualified, please apply through our Clinical Research Training Fellowship or Clinical Research Fellowship schemes.

The purpose of Research Fellowships is to support excellent non-clinical researchers in the early stages of their career to begin an independent project in a well-supported environment, thereby supporting their eventual trajectory to independence. For a detailed description of the skills and training you will be expected to demonstrate, please read our Early Career Researcher Framework.

The scheme is intended for PhD-qualified non-clinical researchers who have delivered previous research project(s) with impactful outputs, such as publications and conference presentations, and demonstrate an upward trajectory. Prospective Fellows should be starting to accumulate a tool-box of new skills that will serve as a strong basis for future independent research activity, whilst being increasingly recognised for their specialist expertise. Researchers who already hold tenure are not eligible to apply.

The lead applicant and point of contact must be based in a UK academic/research institution. However, the application can include researchers or institutions outside the UK.

Fellows are required to have secured a Supervisor, a senior established investigator in the institution where the Fellowship is to be held. The Supervisor will provide the facilities required for the research programme, will have oversight of the Fellow and their research programme, and will contribute actively to the further training of the Fellow. Supervisors are expected to hold tenure appointments.

Fellowships must be applied for by the prospective Fellow, not the Supervisors.

If the project requires ethical approval and/or Home Office licences, the award is dependent upon the requisite approvals being granted.

See our Eligibility Guidelines for further information.



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