Senior Research Fellowship

Senior Research Fellowships are designed to retain excellent clinical and non-clinical researchers who have a track record of nationally competitive research, and clear plans to manage their own independent research group and become internationally recognised within the field of biomedical dementia research.

Provided to cover salary, support staff and animal, travel and running costs.

Duration: Up to four years with the possibility of a one year extension.

We hope to encourage packages which include university funding, thus committing institutions to consider tenured appointment on completion.

The purpose of Senior Research Fellowships is to foster both clinical and non-clinical researchers in their “transition to independence”. For a detailed description of the skills and training you will be expected to demonstrate, please read our Early Career Researcher Framework.

Prospective applicants should a have a strong track record of original and productive research in their area (as evidenced by senior author publication(s) or other equivalent outputs), which shows productivity and impact across past appointments (typically at least one previous post-doctoral appointment). They should also be able to demonstrate the progress they have made in moving towards independence through i) diverse collaborations and partnerships independent of their sponsors and past supervisors, ii) receipt of small amounts of independent funding (such as a previous intermediate fellowship) and/or iii) a track record of effective management of a small number of their own laboratory staff. Researchers who hold tenure are not eligible to apply.

The lead applicant and point of contact must be based in a UK academic/research institution. However, the application can include researchers or institutions outside the UK.

Prospective Senior Fellows are required to have secured a Sponsor, a senior established investigator in the institution where the Fellowship is to be held. The Sponsor will provide the facilities required for the research programme. Senior Fellowship Sponsors are expected to hold tenure appointments.

Senior Fellowships must be applied for by the prospective Fellow, not the Sponsor.

If the project requires ethical approval and/or Home Office licences, the award is dependent upon the requisite approvals being granted.

See our Eligibility Guidelines for further information



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