Healthcare Professionals Mentoring in Research

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Healthcare Professionals Mentoring in Research

Link and Learn is a new time-limited matchmaking service from the UK National Institute for Health and Social Care Research, connecting healthcare practitioners with researchers in the field.

This is a new and innovative approach to inspire healthcare practitioners to actively engage in research.

This is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Empowering Practitioners: This service empowers healthcare practitioners by providing you with the tools and connections needed to initiate or participate in research. It recognises your unique position to identify practical issues and gaps in current medical knowledge, and support delivery of existing clinical trials.
  2. Demystifying Research: By connecting clinicians with experienced researchers, “Link and Learn” demystifies the research process. It offers you practical insights into how research is conducted, breaking down perceived barriers and encouraging a more research-oriented mindset, and oppertunities to participate.
  3. Enhancing Patient Care through Innovation: Clinicians engaged in research are well-positioned to develop innovative solutions tailored to their patients’ needs. This direct involvement in research can lead to the development of new treatments and care models, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. It will also ensure research is quickly delivered, and not delayed due to staffing shortages in the field.
  4. Professional Growth and Development: Involvement in research contributes significantly to the professional development of healthcare staff. It will equip you with new skills, broadens their perspective, and enhances their career prospects within the healthcare sector.
  5. Cultivating a Culture of Inquiry: “Link and Learn” aims to cultivate a culture of inquiry within healthcare settings. Encouraging clinical staff to engage in research fosters a more questioning and analytical approach to patient care, driving continuous improvement in healthcare services.

This programme is the ideal way for anyone new or taking the next steps in research to gain unique insight, exchange experiences and ask questions.

By signing up for Link and Learn, research beginners can find out more about internships and placements available, where to access research findings expressed in plain English, and many simple ways to get involved.

Need a helping hand or have a question? Reach out to giuseppe.rella@nihr.ac.uk or amy.luxton@nihr.ac.uk for assistance.


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