Depression, Dementia, and Delirium: Evidence and Interventions


The module is designed to meet your needs as health and social care professionals specialising in work with older people. The module will develop your ability to recognise, assess, have empathy with and respond effectively to emotional distress. Teaching and assessment strategies aim to facilitate development of a repertoire of therapeutic and creative interventions relevant to the mental health needs that people face in later life. Completion of the module will enhance professional expertise and confidence.

What’s covered in the course?

Depression, dementia and delirium disproportionately impact on the health of older people and challenge nurses from all branches to respond to the complexity of individuals’ co-morbidities.

Effective assessments, interventions and support facilitate self-management and empowerment of service users and family carers to improve holistic well-being. In this module, students will explore current thinking and practice with a view to leading on development of alternative approaches and creative interventions, facilitating culture change and working in partnership with multi-disciplinary colleagues, patients their families and carers to address difficulties and maximise well-being.

The module will be taught at City South Campus (may change due to COVID-19 regulations).

Course Structure

Teaching on this module will involve a diverse range of exciting learning opportunities, including working across specialities with students and teaching colleagues from other faculties. This approach will harness your creative capabilities and support you in developing new ideas to apply in your current and future practice.

A blended learning approach is taken (incorporating both classroom and online activities via Moodle). You will be encouraged to think critically and share practice experiences with your fellow students, as well as engaging in both directed and self-directed learning activities.

You will be an active partner in your own learning and development and in return you will receive regular feedback and fee-forward aimed at developing your academic skills, and have the opportunity to discuss your progress with the module team.

You will be encouraged to share and learn from your own professional experiences and to incorporate service user perspectives when planning care.

What you will learn

In the ‘Depression, Dementia and Delirium: Evidence and Interventions’ module you will learn about (and challenge and critique) therapeutic interventions which can be applied in everyday practice to improve the mental health of older people.

Course Duration

6 weeks


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