New recommendations launched to improve researchers’ feedback to patients and the public shaping studies

A new guide has been launched to help researchers improve patient and public involvement (PPI) in their studies.

Guidance for Researchers: Feedback is a new tool providing researchers advice on the best ways to ensure patients, carers, service users and members of public contributing to their work are kept informed of research progress and their input is formally acknowledged.

Public contributors are involved at all stages of the research cycle, from project design, board and panel membership, to taking part in analysis and dissemination. But research by PPI representatives from CLAHRC East of England, who developed the guide, reveals that one-in-five (19%) of public contributors never received feedback for their work.

The team, led by Dr Elspeth Mathie at the University of Hertfordshire, worked together with six PPI groups – including PPI leads and contributors – to co-design feedback forms and guidance in an attempt to improve feedback from researchers and discover some of the barriers to feedback. The guidance provides practical tips on who, why, when, what and how researchers could improve their feedback to PPI contributors.

For more details please see: https://www.nihr.ac.uk/news/new-recommendations-launched-to-improve-researchers-feedback-to-patients-and-the-public-shaping-studies/8441

The guidance, which was also developed with the Research Design Service (RDS) and INVOLVE, is available online.

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