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From the NIHR Academy

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This collection of webinars from the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre is designed for current and aspiring NIHR trainees and cover a variety of topics to help researchers develop their research careers.

Recorded between February and May 2020 – we think there is something here for early career researchers from all backgrounds and at all stages of their careers.

The new NIHR Academy plays a pivotal role in readying the NHS and wider health research workforce for the future. The Academy aims to simplify, and enhance what the NIHR can do for health research training and careers. It brings together many small schemes which were often difficult to navigate into larger, simpler ones. It launches a number of new initiatives to help areas and professions which were underserved or neglected. It co-locates all those throughout the academic pathway, from first-year clinical academic researchers in training, through mid-career researchers, on to Research Professors and the Senior Investigators at the peak of their careers.

Above all it looks to the challenges of the future, many of which are predictable in an ageing population, and the scientific avenues which are opening up including large data analysis and genomics.


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