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Prioritising Retention in Randomised Trials survey

A new, important survey is now open across the UK and Ireland giving everyone a chance to submit their questions and comments about retention to randomised trials.  The end result will be a ‘Top 10’ list of priorities for future research into the way people are encouraged to stay involved in trials once they agree to take part.  

There is more information on the project website here https://www.trialforge.org/priority-two/ [1]

What is this survey about?

The survey aims to collect information from people who have been involved directly, in designing, running, analysing, or taking part and/or staying involved in randomised trials – Read more [1]

The James Lind Alliance want your help in improving the future of randomised trials by improving what we know about the best ways to encourage trial participants to stay involved in randomised trials.

Who should take part in this survey?

This survey is for completion by people aged 18 or over.
They want to hear from:

If you fit into one of these groups or know people who fit in to these groups, please tell them about this survey so they can complete it too.

What do you need me to do?

Take the Survey Now [2]

If you would prefer to give them your answers on paper, please email  k.gillies@abdn.ac.uk [3] and she will send you a paper copy of the survey.

What happens next?

Once the survey is closed to new responders they will list all of the comments and questions provided and then begin a process of putting them in order of priority for further research.  Results will be published in academic journals, newsletters and social media.