Statistics Courses in June from Centre for Applied Statistics Courses

The next 4 weeks are CASC’s last block of short statistics courses before the end of this academic year. Please see below a brief outline for each course organised by CASC at the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health with places still available:

ANOVA – 5 June 2018 – £200
Acronyms such as ANOVA and GLM can be confusing. Join us at this course to found out what they stand for and when they should be used. We will demonstrate the use of the Analysis Of VAriance and General Linear Models options on SPSS and how to interpret their output.

Introduction to R – CASC after Dark – 4+5 June, 5.30-8.15 – £200
Learning a new language in 1 day? If you thought this was not possible, join us at this course, to show you otherwise. R is currently the hottest thing in statistics; it’s free hence a lifetime skill – don’t miss out.

Chi-square and beyond for 2by2 tables – 6 June – £125
Join us to demystify the range of statistics that can be used to summarise the associations between two binary variables. We move on from the standard chi-square test to investigate other options that may yield more useful information; these include Fishers exact testing, Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR), Kappa, Sensitivity and Specificity and more.

Intro to SPSS – CASC after Dark – 18+19 June 2018, 5.30-8.15 – £200
A widely used statistical package in industry, academia and many more fields. Join us to become familiar with the SPSS interface and how to make the most out of it.

Introduction to Regression Analysis – 20+21* June 2018 – £137.5 (*£275 incl optional 2nd day)
If you are dealing with a numerical outcome and want to be able to account for confounders in your study, this course is for you. If you are an SPSS user, there is an optional 2nd hands-on day in a computer room.

Introduction to Logistic Regression – 24 June 2018 – £150
Outcomes that are expressed in categories cannot be analysed via linear regression. Join us to find out what logistic regression is, how to interpret its results and how to explore the fit of the produced model.

Intro to STATA – 27 June 2018 – £200
Join us to learn the STATA language – it’s easier than you think! We will demonstrate its uses for data analysis and graphical displays.

Funding opportunities via the National Centre for Research Methods: The ESRC wishes to improve the standards of research methods and to stimulate the uptake of high quality training courses in research methods across the UK social science community. The bursaries, for up to £750 each, enable staff in the UK social science community engaged in research, teaching research methods or supervising research to update their research skills. Contract researchers working in HEIs are also eligible for the bursaries.
CHAIN members are entitled to 15% discount.  If you are interested in attending any of the above courses, please email

Please do not hesitate to contact the organiser should you have any problems –

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