Switch off over the Easter break

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Yes, you should be taking a break, but when we say switch off, we actually mean… turn things off. Over the Christmas closure, UCL saved 173 tonnes of carbon through its campaign to ask staff to turn off non essential items during the holidays. With the long easter weekend holidays coming up (sorry if you’re in a country where you don’t get the extra vacation), it is a great time to consider doing the same where you work.

How to get involved:

  • Decide your Switch Off Actions – Use Sustainable UCL’s checklists to see what you could switch off. Do you work in an office? There’s no need to use up egg-stra energy, so make sure your screens and appliances are completely off rather than on stand-by before leaving for the holidays. Are you living in halls? Chick out what you can unplug before you go.
  • Encourage others to switch off – Use the resources provided by Sustainable UCL, including email templates and posters. Post about the Switch Off on social media, tagging @SustainableUCL and using the hashtag #ChangePossible. Include a picture of yourself showcasing your eggs-pertise switching off if you can!

Here are a few useful resources:

Easter Switch Off Checklist for Labs – Download the Labs Checklist to inform others what should be switched off in your lab.

Easter Switch Off Checklist for Offices – Download the Office Checklist to share with your department.

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