Want to host a podcast? We need you for Methods Matter Season 2

Apply by 31st December

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Did you enjoy the first series of our Methods Matter Podcast? We’re scheduling season two, and we need a host! We’re looking for an Early Career Dementia Researcher to follow on from Leah Fullegar (who did a brilliant job hosting season 1) to go on a voyage of discovery, meeting methods experts and dementia researchers who put method into practice.

Our Methods Matter podcast provides a basic introduction to different research methods for those who are new to research, looking for a new method or are just hoping to get a fresh take and idea on how to apply it to their work.

In season 2 we will be covering:

  • Oral histories and story telling
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Grounded theory
  • Visual and verbal stimuli

The good news is… our host doesn’t need to know about the method, because the premise of the show is that you’re going to find out, and we have the fantastic Dr Kahryn Hughes already booked as out resident expert of this season.

What do we look for in a host?

  • Be an early career dementia researcher, anywhere in the world
  • No experience nessisary but confidence, a good voice and an outgoing nature helps
  • Someone who knows how to listen – listening is perhaps the most important skill in interviewing
  • Able to follows their curiosity – You can’t fake curiosity
  • Is comfortable going off-script, improvising, and challenging guests if needed / Being able to and think on your feet
  • An interest in finding out about different methods
  • Able to help devise the questions
  • Available in February for the recordings (each show takes about 1 hour recording and perhaps 1 hour prep and we try to record 1 each week for 5 weeks)
  • You don’t need any experience, we take care of the production, help with scripting and all the rest.

You won’t get paid for this, however you can keep the mic and headphones we provide, it provides great exposure to raise your profile, and its useful for your CV when funders and employers are looking for how you have contributed to the wider research community under the new realistic resume format.

If you’re interested, applying is simple – just make a 3 minute audio recording (using the memo app on your smart phone is fine) telling us about yourself and email to adam.smith@ucl.ac.uk or Whatsapp to +44 7545 566939 – deadline 31st December 2022.

Want to know what do expect? Listen to season 1


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