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Why strong leadership is vital for great science (and how to create it in your lab)

Blog by Jaana Van Gastel for Hello Bio

Last year, I was nominated by my lab for the Hello Bio Lab Heroes AwardsTM, which came as a wonderful surprise to me. I do a lot in our lab, not for the fame and glory of being named a ‘Lab Hero’, but because it has to be done and I kind of just assumed it was my job. After my nomination, I was contacted by Hello Bio: would I want to write a blog on how strong leadership is vital for great science to happen, and how to facilitate it in your lab (based on what my promotor had said in his nomination of me)? Heck yes, I wanted to! Of course, I worried that I’m not qualified enough to write this… but I’ve tried anyway, based on my personal experience and what I’ve learned.

You can read Jaana’s blog here:

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