Zenith Fellows Award Program

The Zenith Fellows award was initiated in 1991 to provide a vehicle for research support for donors with a substantial personal commitment to the advancement of Alzheimer’s and all other dementia research. The awards are made possible by the generosity of a group of individuals and organizations (Zenith Society) that have each committed $1 million to the Alzheimer’s Association for support of the program.

The objective of the 2022 Zenith Fellows Awards competition is to provide major support for investigators who have:

  • Contributed significantly to the dementia science field – Alzheimer’s and all other dementia research
  • Made significant contributions to other areas of science and are now beginning to focus more directly on problems related to Alzheimer’s and all other dementia, and
  • Are likely to make substantial contributions in the future.

For full details visit alz.org/grants

Key Dates:

LOI is now openhttps://proposalcentral.com/GrantOpportunities.asp
LOI Deadline: February 8, 2022, 5:00 PM EST.
Application Deadline: March 25, 2022, 5:00 PM EST. (Please Note: Not all LOIs will be invited to submit a full application)
Award Notifications: August 15, 2022

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