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Alzheimer’s Society Corner

Alzheimer's Society is focusing on the future potential of dementia researchers and the impact they could have on the field of dementia research., We are the only UK dementia charity to fund across the spectrum of dementia research from basic biomedical through to clinical and care research, and at Alzheimer’s Society we believe that research will beat dementia, but until that happens, we will make sure that the 900,000 people living with dementia and their loved ones are given evidence-led support, in order to improve quality of life and independence after a dementia diagnosis.

We’ve set ourselves a bold ambition of becoming the best UK funder for early career researchers (ECRs). We’ve been funding ECRs since we started funding research 30 years ago, renewing our commitment in 2014 through our Dementia Research Leaders programme. ECRs are the future of dementia research and hold the key to a better world for people affected by dementia.

In our most recent grant round (2021/2022), Alzheimer's Society invested over £5 million into new dementia research and supported 39 ECRs. Despite the impact that ECRs are making in the dementia research landscape, without follow up funding there is a real risk that ECRs could be forced to leave dementia research entirely. With this in mind, we now offer one of the most competitive PhD studentships available to support with living costs, and we are one of the only funders in the UK to offer family and sick leave and pay to support our funded PhD students. We are providing career development opportunities for ECR’s through our new funding schemes, where ECRs can apply for smaller grants in their name, in order to build credibility and independence in their research.

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