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Our blogs cover a whole range of topics, to help early career dementia researchers (ECRs). Our contributors share information about their research, from social care to basic science, share advice from their own experiences, careers tips, what they learned from recent training events and conferences and much more. We have a small team of ECR staff bloggers who write each month, on a whole range of topics and every year we add more people who discuss their experiences of studying at particular places or on different topics. In addition to our staff bloggers, we welcome one-off contributions, and curate and link to content from other great sources, including our charity partners, the LSE Impact Blog, Nature Careers and where ever great support can be found.

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Guest Blog – Using co-design methods to co-create technology with people with dementia and their carers
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Guest Blog – Using co-design methods to co-create technology with people with dementia and their carers

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of technology in healthcare. Ever since personal computing evolved in the 1980’s, followed by the Internet (or World Wide Web), patients and families can access health information faster than ever before and connect with others worldwide for advice and support. Mobile devices and later on…

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