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It’s always reassuring to chat to people in the same circumstances as you, other early career researchers, and also to get advice from people who have gone through a similar set challenges, experienced the highs and the lows and who can now be classed as ‘experts’ in their field. That’s why we've created our own WhatsApp Dementia Researcher Chat Group to provide fast, simple, secure messaging, in a safe place with people just like you, from around the world.

Do you have a burning question you would like to put to the group? Have a success or problem you want to share? Looking for some advice? A collaborator? Our group may be able to help.

  1. Click the button below to join our lobby area (if you have WhatsApp on your computer) or simply hold your smartphone camera to the QR code below, this will open WhatsApp and directly connect you.
  2. Once there, introduce yourself, with your name, where you work, career stage, and with a couple of lines about your work.
  3. The admin will review your details, move you into the main group (or subgroup), and introduce you to everyone.
  4. Once you arrive, you sadly can't see messages from the previous discussions, but the group can bring you up to speed.
  5. Finally, visit our bios page and post a mini bio there - this helps us to keep track of who is in the WhatsApp Group, and while you are there, you can find other group members and read about their work.
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