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Forefront Webinar – Patient & Public Involvement in Research

Hosted by Dr Clare Jonas

Our fourth Forefront Webinar delivered in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society was recorded on the 26th November 2021 – hosted by Dr Clare Jonas, Research Communications Officer from Alzheimer’s Society.

In this webinar Cherie Nyota, Research Engagement Officer from Alzheimer’s Society & former carer and Research Network Volunteer Alan Richardson present on Patient & Public Involvement in Dementia Research. Discussing how Alzheimer’s Society engages people with lived experience in their research, what motivated Alan to become involved and the different kinds of ways we supports research – from review grants, participating in studies + much more.

The Forefront Webinars Series is livestreamed on Zoom and YouTube on the last Friday of each month – in each webinar there are two sessions, one from an Alzheimer’s Society funded Researcher presenting on their work, and another essential careers sessions to keep you at the forefront of your field.

If you enjoyed this webinar – register for our next which take place on Friday 17th December, in this session Dr Melanie Handley will discuss her research on providing person centred care in hospitals, and Dr Julia Ravey will run the second session, providing top tips on how researchers can use social media for science communications – Register on Zoom now.

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