Profile – Cherie Nyota, Alzheimer’s Society

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Cherie Nyota


Cherie Nyota

Job title:

Research Engagement Officer

Place of work / study:

Alzheimer’s Society

What does your role involve?

I work in the research team at Alzheimer’s Society and coordinate our patient and public involvement. I work with the Research Network volunteers, who are all affected by dementia, either through caring for a loved one or living with dementia themselves. Research Network volunteers inform everything we do within the research team, including reviewing grant applications and monitoring our chosen grants.

Tell us a little about yourself:

During my Neuroscience masters, I worked as a carer because I wanted to understand the reality of the science I was studying. This was invaluable because it helped me to understand the importance of hearing the voices of carers, loved ones and people living with dementia when conducting research. Alzheimer’s Society is committed to that, and I love the role I play in ensuring that we hear those voices!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I’m a bit of a people pleaser, but I’m also a ‘furniture pleaser’ – if I bump into any piece of furniture, I find myself involuntarily saying sorry to it.

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