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Forefront Webinar – Using Narrative Design for Dementia Care

Hosted by Adam Smith

Our second Forefront Webinar delivered in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society was recorded on the 24th September 2021 – hosted by Adam Smith, Programme Director at University College London.

The Forefront Webinars Series is livestreamed on Zoom and YouTube on the last Friday of each month – in each webinar there are two sessions, the first comes from an Alzheimer’s Society funded Researcher presenting on their work, and the second is an essential careers sessions to keep you at the forefront of your field.

In this webinar Loukia Minetour, Alzheimer’s Society funded PhD Student from University of Stirling introduces design for dementia care homes & discuss the importance of co-designing with and for people living with dementia, family members & care home staff. Supportive design can reduce agitation, anxiety, confusion and depression, as well as stimulate happiness & enhance wellbeing for people living with dementia.


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